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Starting a Business Is Lonely Work

I've been thinking about my work lately. I don't think I realized how lonely it would get starting a business. Its not just that I do everything by myself, but that every decision, every move, every effort is just me...I'm a social person, so this is hard for me. I want to change this, but I'm not sure how to go about it...

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Results From My Social Media Promotion

I ran a social media discount at the gym this last weekend. I offered 20% to anyone who would post a picture and tag Muertos Coffee. Overall, it went really well...I did not get the results I expected, but I might have ended up with more.

Facebook Promotion and Possible Fall Coffee

I'm going to be trying a few more "firsts." My very first promotion and some re-soaked beans. Not sure how either of them will go, but this is my plan.

Tasting Coffee is Hard

I am in the process of purchasing my next bag of coffee. It's a huge deal, because it is a major investment. It will literally clear my bank account out. I need this coffee to good...and not just pretty needs to be Damn Fine.

I love this, but it's hard. I only have 100g of 4 different coffee to make my decision on. These are the things I'm wrestling with....

A Little Customer Service Goes A Long Way

It's late tonight and I know I'm not going to get to write at all tomorrow, so I want to get this blog down. Sorry, there aren't any pictures, mainly just working through how important customer service is.

Here's why this is on my mind...

Lessons Learned and Future Steps

I've served coffee a few times and secured the rest of August, so I have 5 more weekends of serving. I'm feel'n really good about it which has spurred some questions. Am I profitable? Am I on track for getting a new bean before I run out? Is this building my business?

First Day Selling RTD - Recap

I know I missed my blog post last week, I apologize for that. To be honest, I was in the throws of a panic attack. chest was all constricted, I couldn't sleep, felt like I couldn't breath at times...sucked a lot.

Why was I freaking out, you ask?

Because I was about to cross the threshold and put myself out there. May sound silly, but that is the fear that stops 99.9999999999999999999999999% of people from taking their life from one place, to a better place. Looking back on it, that fear helped prepare, but there was no need for a panic attack.