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Investment In Learning

I have decided to actually invest in my coffee knowledge. It seems to help solidify something within me. It is strange how paying money helps make things real.

I have decided to participate in “A Closer Look Into Coffee” presented by Press Coffee ( I looked over the schedule and it is pretty well rounded. I also have the ability to get Barista Guild Level 1 Certified at the end. I’m not sure I want to invest into the BGA yet. I don’t see the value at this stage.

This seems pretty silly to blog about 5 months before the event, but it is kind of a big deal to me. The first step I took towards taking my dream seriously was reading a book about coffee. There was very little investment there, as the book was free from the library. This event costs money. That makes it real.

I know this about myself. I don’t take myself serious until I am invested. How does one get invested in a dream? For some people, they can invest in a concept. They can see it, believe it, and BOOM, they are bought in. I can’t do that. I will see it, believe it and then talk about it for years and never do anything about it.

I have said in other blog posts that I am a value based individual. Meaning, I look to get the most value out of everything I do and try to avoid things that add little to no value. By spending money ahead of time, I take my value based approach and force myself into action. I spend the money 5 months ahead so I will train and prepare for the event so I can get the absolute most out of my money. I will approach the event with a mission and a plan to make sure of it. I will be “that guy” who sits at the front of the class and asking questions and taking more notes then a 45 minute class warrants.

This begs the further question: how will I ever find a way to get out of the concept stage of my dream (which I am not even close to finishing)? Will I have to spend some serious money to be seriously invested in making my dream a reality? Or will small investments in my knowledge and personal growth be enough? I don’t know the answer to that question because I have never done anything as large as try to own my own business.
I think there are a many steps on my path to owning my own business. I don’t think I have to go from dream to opening a shop in 1 year. I have the rest of my life to make my dream come true. That is a lot of steps! I think the first step is building my knowledge at the foundation of a coffee shop: the barista. Once I have that, I will take another step. I hope that, once I get this first step down, I will be able to see what my next one is.

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