Friday, September 4, 2015

I think I'm almost ready for KickStarter

I've really looking at how I can make this happen. When it comes down to everything, I need to roast my own beans. I know the multi-roaster model is doing well right now, but I just can't fork up the time or money to jump in like that. That would be a very high risk approach.

Knowing that I have to support my family, how can make this happen?

As it pertains to time and money, selling whole bean coffee is a way to work without actually working. I can have a website up selling coffee, while I am still at my day job. That is the biggest problem with going into brewed coffee right off the bat. I am only making money when I am brewing coffee. I can't feed my family on that.

Roasting and selling whole bean coffee will allow me to work my job and roast in the evenings or weekends. The only other physical requirement would be dropping off the packages to be shipped.

Roasting is the lowest overhead and highest profit aspect of the coffee business. It does not require any rent, power, insurance, employees. I can literally get started with $6000. There is not a decent retail location in the US that can be up and running for that amount.

There is also crowd sourcing. This is one of the greatest things our modern society has done. I have a serious passion for sharing coffee with people. I also have a family and a mortgage. There is no way I can just drop $6000. It's not responsible to put my family in debt or take out loans against my mortgage. Only like 5% of businesses actually succeed. It takes successful start ups over 5 years to reach the black. If the shop goes down, and statistically it will, it takes my family down with it. I just can't do that. Crowd sourcing on the other hand, allows me to pursue my passion without risking my family.

I'm finalizing how manage online sales and I think I will start putting my campaign together.