Friday, March 11, 2016

Irish Coffee for St. Patty’s Day

Since St. Patty’s Day is coming up, I figured I would do a little piece on it. I have not actually tried it. I have had Oaxaca coffee when I was in Cancun, and the server called it “Sexy Coffee.” I don’t actually know if it is an actual cocktail or not. I am looking forward to trying my first Irish coffee.
So, instead I have posted a quick history and a link for how to make.

The origin story is similar to other coffee origins. For example, the Americano was created when Americans were in Europe for WWII and wanted something more like their black coffee, so they added some water to espresso.

Irish coffee started in the ‘40s when some American travelers went in to an spot after a cold wet day and ordered a coffee (what else would you order?). The bartender put a shot of whiskey in to help warm them up. Boom! A trend was started. It became really popular in the States when a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle had it in an airport and loved it so much he worked with a local café to start serving it. That is when the sugar and cream was added.

I found the below link for Food and Wine Magazine. I find that they can be a bit…snooty…but they know what they are talking about. I would love to try a lot of their recipes, but I don’t make enough money to buy random ingredients that I will only ever use once. If you are looking for some good directions on how to make an “original” Irish Cofee, you can find it here: