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Review Crossroads Books and COffee

I stumbled across this place looking for a new place my artist friend and I could meet up. I wasn't sure if he would have an issue with meeting at a Christian book store, but if he did, he never said anything. So we have met here a couple of times now and I think I like it.

Crossraods Books and Coffee ( is an independently owned book store that added a coffee shop. Knowing it was a Christian book store, I was curious to see how "Christian" it would be because I was worried my friend would feel uncomfortable. It wasn't an issue.
Walking in, my first impression was that this place was homey. It has old wooden rocking chairs like I had growing up. It had a place for children and couches mixed with tables. It was very comfortable. I looked to the bar and got super excited when I saw V60s. The coffee shop looks like a regular old coffee shop. The only difference is the higher concentration of Bibles in hands of customers.

I dropped my stuff off and headed to the bar to kick up my normal banter of trying to see how much a barista knows and to learn about the coffee. My first trip had 2 ladies behind the counter, one seemed to completely disdain my asking any questions, while the other was pleasant but knew nothing about coffee. The one who seemed to really dislike me pointed out that they are all experienced baristas...she worked at the coffee bean and tea leaf. I wanted to be snotty and tell her that meant about the same as much to me as letting someone build my house because they worked at the Home Depot. 

On to the coffee!

I asked where they get their coffee and I was told it was from Lux, a local roaster. They make good coffee, so I was excited. I asked what the flavor profile was and I was told I could add any of the syrups. I was confused for a moment, but decided to just move along. I picked an Ethiopian and paid a very reasonable price (about $2 for 16oz).

The lady who seemed to want to spit at my feet finally took the edge off as she brewed my coffee. They use a lighter ration than I would, but every company is different. The problem that I really had was that that she put my grounds in the V60, did a prewet....then filled the V60 to the top and keep it there, brewing my coffee in no more than 45 seconds. I was flabbergasted. I have been there a second time and the guy (who was much more pleasant to talk to) brewed it the same way. They have this beautiful coffee but brew it so quickly that there is sweetness, but nothing else. It saddened me, because it could have been awesome, but wasn't.

I also noticed they have a nitro cold brew. That was exciting. I haven't tried it yet, but I asked and was told that it is a super secret recipe. To which, I rolled my eyes and went to my seat.

Overall, I do like this place, more for the Spirit than the coffee. It is good, but could be so much more.

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