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Top 3 Coffee Shops Reviewed in 2016

 Looking ahead to 2017, I want to include as many new coffee experiences as possible. One the best ways is to try new shops and meet new people. Everyone does it a little differently. I take all those little nuggets of experience and continue to develop my own way of doing things.

That being said, I thought it would be good to look back at my top 3 shops of 2016.

My top shop for the year of 2016 has to go to Better Buzz Coffee (pictured at top)
. I know its in San Diego, but it was such a cool a shop. It utilized a bar much like how I want to build mine. The design was fantastic. The baristas were nice and knowledgeable. It was all around next level compared to anything else for the year.

My runner up would Elevate Coffee. This shop had good coffee. I'm not sure I would put the black coffee up with the elite, but it was good. What I really loved about this place was what they did with the space. They had bar seats by the roaster, a small stage, and a conference room you can rent. The baristas were nice, but more on the highschool/college job side. I would have really like to have seen a stronger knowledge base on the coffee and brewing methods.

The last store on my list is Crossroads Books and Cafe. I love this place, but I makes the list because of its potential more than its current coffee situation. I meet my artist buddy here a lot. It is very comfortable inside. They have a small meeting room that can be booked and I like that its a Christian book store with Bible studies happening all the time. That just makes me feel at home. For the coffee, they source from an excellent local roaster brew with a v60 (my personal favorite). Their brewing methods are what hold them back from being a top shop. They brew a 16oz black coffee through a v60 in right around 45 seconds. That brew time needs to be up close to 3 minutes. Also, the baristas have been hit or miss. I had a couple really nice and one who was kind of nasty. Next time I'm in there, I'm gonna see if I can't influence it a bit.

So there you have it. If you are around, give these shops a try. 

If you have any recommendations for shops in the Phoenix, San Diego, and (maybe) the Denver area. Let me know. 


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